The Evolution of Smart Luggage and Bags

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>> About HiSmart
HiSmart is the first-of-its-kind that merges fashion and technology, a bag that not only changes according to your capacity needs and occasion, but also vastly simplifying the way you connect to people, places and things. It’s not just stylish and cool, but it makes our busy, urban lives more efficient and enjoyable. After thousands of design drafts and dozens of different prototypes, we finally made HiSmart that is beautifully and minimally designed. It can transform into two different styles and is made with canvas and handmade Italian leather. The specially designed HiRemote syncs with the HiSmart app. The 2-in-1 customized chip inside the strap enables you to pin locations, find your HiSmart or phone, answer calls, listen to music, record your voice, and take selfies in just seconds.HiSmart redefines the bag by making it do more functions than you thought possible. Make your life simpler with our HiSmart app! It's specially designed to pair with the HiRemote so you're able to access your favorite apps in just seconds!


The Smart & Convertible Urban Bag