The Evolution of Smart Luggage and Bags

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>> About ShelfPack
Introducing the ShelfPack, a new kind of luggage with built-in shelves and an innovative, patent pending design. The shelves and front pockets keep your gear organized, visible and easily accessible. It’s perfect for families, business travelers, vacations, cruises, camping and road trips, even home storage. It’s a portable closet. “The Buzz Award is The Show’s crowd-sourced trophy, voted on by attending retailers and media. It can only be awarded to brand new items, as the ballot is restricted to items from the New Product Pavilion (which was the biggest ever this year, at more than 120 items.)... This year’s win didn’t just go to a new product - it went to a brand new company as well. ShelfPack by McKaba Luggage garnered more kudos than any other item. Voters were intrigued by its unique concept... Pack the shelves, lower them into the case, get to your destination, pop the shelves back up and you’re unpacked. It’s really that simple. And that novel.”