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Be Relax My Anti-Fatigue Sleep Mask Grey

Fine Suede-Touch fabrics
Adjustable elastic head strap
Removable cooling pads
Ergonomic design
Flexible metal support for fitting around the nose
Extra-long, covers the eyes and the ears
Blocks out background noises and light
Soothing eye therapy
Perfect for travel and camping



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Be Relax My Anti-Fatigue Sleep Mask in Carbon Grey. Disconnect from the outside world with this luxurious anti-fatigue sleep mask by Be Relax. Designed to block out light and background noises, it is the perfect sleep aid for long-haul flights, overnight train journeys, and camping trips.
Covering both the eyes and the ears to create a tranquil atmosphere, the Be Relax My Anti-Fatigue Sleep Mask creates a bubble around the face to shield against external disturbances. Ergonomic and effortlessly easy to wear, it features a flexible metal support to fit comfortably around the nose, and it is equipped with an adjustable elastic head strap for full support.
What makes the My Anti-Fatigue Sleep Mask truly unique, is its removable cooling pads that offer soothing eye therapy. Highly effective at reducing the appearance of dark circles and relieving fatigue, they slot into the eye-mask with ease and can be removed in seconds when no longer required. Designed to leave you feeling refreshed, radiant, and ready for the day ahead, this exceptional sleep mask is the ultimate travel gift for frequent flyers.
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SKU BRX104ACC00022
Size Standard
Color Grey
Weight 0.24 lb
Height 16 cm
Length 0 cm
Width 0 cm
Material Polyester
Dimensions In 15.99 X 4.095 X 0.39 Inch
Collection Wellness Travel Collection
Style Code 1001300045
Gender Unisex
Brand Be Relax
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