Traveling for the holidays? Nothing is as exciting as boarding a plane to go see your loved ones for the holidays. One of the most common mistakes people make whilst getting ready is over packing their suitcase. Mosafer wants to contribute in making your travel journey light & comfortable. Here are 5 main things you should keep in mind when packing:

1. Roll, don’t fold

Roll your clothes instead of folding them to save room and time. There is lots of air between the clothes when you fold them – space in which you can fit two extra pairs of shoes. Rolling your clothes will spare you some time from ironing wrinkled, folded clothes. If packing light doesn’t come easily to you, the Mosafer Space Saving Vacuum Storage Bags could be your perfect travel companion. Place your rolled clothes in these storage bags, cleverly designed to create up to 50% more space in your luggage.

2. Carry on

If you are traveling for less than four days, save yourself some time and avoid checking in a luggage. Make the most out of your trip rather than waste an hour waiting for your luggage or risk losing it. Leave your iphone charger & power bank at home because G-RO’s carry on includes mobile charging - dual USB ports and a removable power bank, ensuring your phone stays charged.

3. Stuff shoes & bags

Packing shoes tend to take quite a lot of space and weight, especially winter boots. Cole Haan offers a selection of light and comfortable footwear tailored for long-distance travel, and weekend breaks, they are crafted in the finest quality materials for all day comfort. Make use of the space inside your shoes and pack more things. Put your socks, jewelry, ties and other accessories in a zip-log bag and stuff them in your shoes to maximize space.

*Mosafer tip: Don’t forget to pack your pair of Zensah Fresh Legs Compression Socks, perfect for travelers and those on their feet all day, relieving aches, pains, and restless legs syndrome.*

4. Plan outfits

Making a list of items you need to pack is useful when you are going on a long holiday. If you are planning a weekend trip adopt the PPP method (plan, picture, pack). Plan your outfit, take a picture of your outfit and then pack it. This will spare you extra time during your trip, not having to worry about mixing and matching outfits or remembering what you packed.

5. Wear your jacket & accessories

Winter apparel take a lot of packing space. Wear your winter jacket and accessories you are taking on your trip. Limit yourself to one coat and one winter accessory in order to keep things lean. Berlin Travel jacket is your go-to travel jacket combining comfort and convenience with security and style in 6 concealed pockets, 3 with zippers for passports, iPhones, iPads, and wallets.

If you have any travel related questions, our travel consultants are available to answer your questions. We will curate the very best selection and/or collection depending on your personal style of travel.