Choosing the right carry-on is key for a comfortable journey. Carry-ons are all about mobility, freedom and traveling light. Here are a few points you should consider when choosing a carry-on:

  •  How the bag opens
  •  How heavy the bag is
  •  How you want to carry the bag (on your shoulders, on your back, by its own wheels … etc.)
  •  How much you will be carrying it (walking distance, types of transportation, and activities)
  •  How you want to organize and pack it
  •  Your long-term traveling needs

Answering these questions varies depending on the purpose of your trip. For example, if you are traveling for business, you should prevent over packing, for quickness and convenience. You should also carefully choose a carry-on that secures your garments from getting wrinkled. Here are a few carry-ons our travel consultants at Mosafer recommend:

1. Off for a business trip?

Made specifically for business travelers, Briggs & Riley’s Baseline Carry-On is recognized for its minimum weight & maximum stability. Some of the key features include an outside built handle, preventing your clothes from getting wrinkled. In addition, you have the option to pack up to 25% more by its CX expansion compression-system. Other features include corner guards, quick change wheels, ballistic nylon outer fabric and a life time warranty.

2. Traveling with kids?

Ease your travel journey with BedBox® by Jetkids: a premium, and the world's only, ride-on suitcase for children with an inflight bed or leg-rest feature. Once packed, let your little one ride it (or pull it) through the airport terminal for stress-free transport. Once the seat belt sign is off, transform the BedBox® from a suitcase to a bed in 5 simple steps. Officially approved by many airlines, this special ride-on suitcase is for children 3-7 years, and the bed feature is best suited for children over 2 years.

3. Are you a fashionable traveler?

Complete your fashionable look with the perfect travel companion for short business trips, romantic city breaks and weekends away, the Ted Baker Beau Carry-On is large enough to accommodate your clothing and essentials, yet small enough to meet all cabin luggage restrictions. This spacious bag includes internal organization pockets, pouches and zipped compartments, designed for maximum packing efficiency. The fabulously feminine Ted Baker Beau carry-on is a must-have for fashionable travelers.