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Bluesmart Carry-On

Bluesmart Carry-On

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Own the world's first smart luggage. Control your suitcase from your phone to lock and unlock it, track its location, weight it, get distance alerts, and much more. Now you can find your suitcase anywhere in the world and help your airline recover your bag.

  • Location Tracking.
  • USB Charger & Battery.
  • Remote Lock.
  • Digital Scale.
  • Laptop Compartment.
  • Proximity Alerts.
  • Travel App.
  • Warranty : two years for non-electrical components and one year on electronic components.
Dimensions (LxHxW): 22.00" x 14.00" x 9.00"
Volume: 34.0l
Material: Polycarbonate
Weight: 4.26kg
Product number: BV000457-001
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Customer reviews (18)
Anto wrote on the 16.04.2017
The Smartest Bag in the Market. Highly recommended !!!
Bryant wrote on the 11.04.2017
Best Item I ever had! Highly recommend for frequent traveler.
Bryant wrote on the 10.04.2017
The bag was amazing i love it.......... Very good features,functional and i like the innovation. Highly recommended for frequent traveler easy to use. Thank you!! BLUESMART for making my travel convenient and rewarding..
wilson wrote on the 09.04.2017
i dea is great i love blue smart inovative ideas
jhez wrote on the 09.04.2017
wow smart luggage