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BG Berlin Daydream Packable Shoulder Bag

OEKO-TEX® approved polyester
Three-in-One Design (Shopper, Shoulder and Tote Bag)
Eco-friendly alternative to disposable bags
Modern design
Vibrant artwork by Karan Singh
Versatile and reusable
For work, travel and everyday
Load capacity 20kg
H65cm x W50cm



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BG Berlin Daydream Eco Bag. Modern, multifunctional, and made to last, the Daydream Packable Shoulder Bag by BG Berlin is a great investment for those who want to Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. Made from OEKO-TEK® approved polyester and designed to transport loads of up to 20kg, this versatile bag is ideal for carrying groceries, sportswear, souvenir purchases, and your everyday essentials as you go about your daily life.
BG Berlin Eco Bags features a unique three-in-one design that allows wearing as a tote bag, a shoulder bag, and a shopping bag. It is printed with vibrant artwork by Australian artist Karan Singh, and it is designed to fold neatly for storage when not in use.
An eco-friendly shopping bag for those who are concerned about plastic pollution and the damaging effects it has on the earth’s fragile eco-system, the BG Berlin Daydream Eco Bag is washable, reusable, and designed for daily use at home, at work, and overseas.
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SKU BGI104BAG00063
Color Multicolor
Weight 1.54 lb
Height 65 cm
Length 50 cm
Material Polyester
Dimensions In 26 X 20 inches
Collection Eco Bag
Style Code BG001/01/141
Gender Unisex
Brand BG Berlin
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