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Mosafer Heavy Duty Security Luggage Strap Belt with TSA Combination Lock

- Heavy duty luggage security belt
- TSA approved 3-digit combination lock
- Distinctive red and black stripe makes luggage instantly recognizable
- Prevents tampering and unauthorized access
- Adjustable for use with all suitcases and travel bags
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The Mosafer Heavy Duty Security Luggage Strap with TSA Combination Lock will protect your baggage from tampering, theft, and unauthorized access during travel. A great investment for those who fly weekly or just once per year, this robust luggage belt can be adjusted to fit all suitcase sizes, and locked with the 3-digit security code of your choice. As the combination lock it TSA approved, it can be opened by customs officers without damaging your bags.

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SKU SFR104ACC00773
Size One Size
Color Black
Weight 0.025 lb
Height 0 cm
Length 0 cm
Width 0 cm
Dimensions In 81.9 x 5 Inches
Gender Unisex
Brand Mosafer
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